Béla Vidovszky

Vidovszky Béla, painter, artist(1883-1973)

He studied under the direction of Imre Révész, Aladár Edvi Illés and Károly Ferenczy at the Model Drawing School between 1902 and 1906. He visited Munich and Paris and later Italy. He was a member of the artist colony of Szolnok from 1911 to 1944. He took part in the establishment of the Szinyei Society in 1920.
Bibliography: Láng, Miklós: Vidovszky Béla festőművész (Bibliotecha Bekesiensis 25.), Békéscsaba, 1983. o Kaposváry, Gyula: Vidovszky Béla festőművész a Szolnoki Művésztelepen, Szolnok, Damjanich J. Múzeum, 1983.

  • Béla Vidovszky
    Béla Vidovszky

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