Béla Vidovszky Collection of Local History (Town Gallery)


The Béla Vidovszky Town Gallery opened its gates in 1993.

Currently in six rooms are exhibited the artworks and paintings of four artists, all related to our town. These are the paintings and memorials of Béla Vidovszky, the paintings of Marguerite de Corini called the painter of Parisian nights, the prints and paintings of Péter Illésy and the sculptures of János Pásztor, from the Hungarian National Gallery.

Nyitva tartás
Monday: Zárva
Tuesday: Zárva
Wednesday: Zárva
Thursday: Zárva
Friday: Zárva
Saturday: Zárva
Sunday: Zárva
5500 Gyomaendrőd, Kossuth Lajos út 11.
Coordinates: 46.936233, 20.829839
From Thermal Bath: 0.56 km
From Town Center: 0.43 km
From Railway Station: 1.18 km
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