Sights of the Region

Not only Gyomaendrőd, but also its region offers a lot of interesting sights. We can find the one and only Great Bustard reserve in central Europe in its neighborhood, Dévaványa, and we have to call the attention to the Arboretum in the nearby Szarvas. In Szarvas there is an opportunity to try the pleasure boat on the Dead-Körös backwater. If we choose a little bit farther destination, we have to see the Gyula Castle or the Historic Memorial Site of Vésztő-Mágor with its 6000 year old history.

Peres Regional Museum, Pump Yard
5400 Mezőtúr, Frny Peresi-Holtág partján 349.
Coordinates: 46.943982, 20.670433
From Town Center: 12.34 km
Great Bustard Reserve (Túzokrezervátum)
5510 Dévaványa, Réhely major
Coordinates: 47.081476, 20.933504
From Town Center: 17.53 km
Kondorosi Csárda (Inn)
5553 Kondoros, Hősök útja 23.
Coordinates: 46.758875, 20.795504
From Town Center: 20.29 km
Arboretum of Szarvas, Pepi Garden
5540 Szarvas, I. kk. 9.
Coordinates: 46.873711, 20.528292
From Town Center: 24.27 km
Historic Memorial Site, Vésztő-Mágor
5530 Vésztő, Mágori domb
Coordinates: 46.93953, 21.208632
From Town Center: 28.53 km
Mihály Munkácsy Museum
5600 Békéscsaba, Széchenyi István utca 9.
Coordinates: 46.682214, 21.099714
From Town Center: 35.09 km
The Exhibition Ward of the Csabai Homestead and History of Grain
5600 Békéscsaba, Gyulai út 65.
Coordinates: 46.677122, 21.126536
From Town Center: 36.76 km
Gyula Castle
5700 Gyula, Várkert 1.
Coordinates: 46.645578, 21.285453
From Town Center: 47.50 km