During the last centuries the county administrators sought to move people with the same religion to the same settlement. Thus came into existence the Catholic Endrőd and the Reformed Gyoma. The four churches built during the 19th century represent a unique historical and religious value. The Saint Emeric (Szent Imre) Roman Catholic Church in Endrőd was built in Late Baroque style. Prince Saint Emeric is the patron saint and also appears in Endrőd’s old coat of arms. In Gyoma the Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Church, built in Neo-Renaissance style, was established on the grounds of its predecessor, which had burnt down in 1848. The Reformed Church, near the main square in Gyoma, took 22 years to build and was consecrated in 1813. It has a beautiful pipe organ; the interior of the church and the ornamented, carved entrance doors are the works of Zsigmond Papp, a local sculptor. The Lutheran Church was built by Germans who immigrated in the 19th century when Gyoma sought to attain the rank of a market-town and expanded its strength with German-speaking population. We can find the memorial of the slave-laborers deported to the Soviet Union and of those fallen in World War II in its garden.

5500 Gyomaendrőd, Pásztor János utca 30.
Coordinates: 46.931349, 20.821474
From Town Center: 1.25 km
5500 Gyomaendrőd, Szabadság tér 4.
Coordinates: 46.939034, 20.832449
From Town Center: 0.06 km
5500 Gyomaendrőd, Fő út 1.
Coordinates: 46.932433, 20.773833
From Town Center: 4.55 km
5500 Gyomaendrőd, Fő út 178.
Coordinates: 46.935711, 20.822019
From Town Center: 0.92 km
5500 Gyomaendrőd, Fő út 266.
Coordinates: 46.938763, 20.82981
From Town Center: 0.25 km