Körös-Maros National Park

The Körös-Maros National Park which was established on 16th January 1997 manages the nature protecting activities of the Southern Great Plain in order to preserve the nature and landscape there. The operational area of the National Park is 800 000 hectares. Its jurisdiction includes the territory of Békés County, the area of Csongrád County located to the East from the Tisza River, the Dévaványa-Ecseg steppes, as well as fractions of the Körös flood-plains in Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok County.

The flood-plains of the Körös are characterized by a uniquely diversified flora and fauna. However the present-day landscape is the result of the parallel work of man and nature. The billabongs’ (dead end rivers) typical plants are the pondweed, saligot, yellow sensation, yellow flag, and true fox sedge. On the flood plains lives the wild grape, black alder, wax-tree and snowball-tree. The flood-plain is the habitat of innumerous animal species, as well. From the mammals the otter is strictly protected. The little egret, the black stork, squacco heron and short-eared owl are natural values of extraordinarily high importance.

Visiting orders:
The orientation and the visiting rules of the protected areas of the National Park are helped by the information boards situated at frequented points. The strictly protected areas can be visited only for researching purposes with the permission of the National Park Directorate.

  • Do not leave the marked cycle-paths and nature trails!
  • Do not disturb the flora and fauna!
  • Do not take anything from nor leave anything on the protected areas!
  • Camping or making fire is allowed only at the designated campfire places according to the suggestions of the national park.

For more information visit:
https://kmnp.hu or facebook: link

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