Advices for Travel

A holiday in Hungary is not only more affordable than in many other parts of the world but even the location is very favorable for European visitors, especially the neighboring countries. From Budapest it takes only 2-3 hours to travel to Gyomaendrőd.
It’s advisable not to postpone the booking for the last minute or do it at arrival – the best to settle it one or two months before travel when empty rooms are available amply. Guesthouses and holiday homes may ask for a deposit that we lose if we cancel the booking. Fortunately it’s not the case with hotels and inns.
It’s advisable to check the weather forecast immediately after the beginning of our journey – not to say it’s something we can always trust – it may help in planning our daily programs. To prepare for every possibility it is worth taking change with us to prepare for the cold weather (pullover, umbrella, and raincoat). Fortunately bad weather is not necessarily an obstacle to spend our time usefully – we may only need to reorganize our programs a little bit.
Living in an apartment we can find in the suite a kitchen equipped with cooking tools and cutlery thus we have to take care only of the purchasing of cooking materials. All the necessary items are available in the local groceries.
During packing for travel it’s better to plan beforehand what we want to take with ourselves and make a checklist of the necessary items. Before leaving our home it’s recommended to unplug the electrical devices, household appliances (TV set, DVD player, fridge, etc.) and to turn off the taps and gas. Shades or roller-blinds should be closed. We may ask a neighbor or an acquaintance to check our mailbox regularly during our holiday and if we have domestic animals we need to ask somebody to take care of them.
Finally, it’s suggested to explore our destination previously where we intend to spend our free time. If we don’t have the opportunity to fulfill this task personally at least we can grab some info from the Internet.

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