Sister cities

Town twinning, also known as sister cities, is a concept whereby towns or cities in geographically and politically distinct areas are paired, with the goal of fostering human contact and cultural links between their inhabitants. In the European Union, such pairs of towns are known as friendship towns, partner towns or twin towns. In North America, India, Australasia and Asia, the term sister cities is used for the same concept and brother cities is the term in the former Soviet bloc. Sister cities often (though by no means always) have similar demographic and other characteristics.

Gyomaendrőd’s brother cities are Nagyenyed (Aiud) in Romania, Schöneck in Germany Pilzno in Poland and Slovakia Ruttka (Vrútky).

Coordinates: 46.316347, 23.73343
Distance / Proximity: 231.70 km

In the heart of Transylvania on the banks of the Maros River is located Nagyenyed rebuilt many times during the storms of…

Coordinates: 49.979488, 21.294937
Distance / Proximity: 339.93 km

Pilzno, the townlet from South Poland wrote itself into the history books with its 650 year-old history and as the…

Coordinates: 49.11158, 18.924637
Distance / Proximity: 280.45 km

Vrútky (Ruttka) is to be found in the Highlands (Felvidék), on the area of the present-day Slovakia. It has a population…

Coordinates: 50.200089, 8.850174
Distance / Proximity: 952.31 km

Schöneck from Germany came into existence by the joining of three smaller settlements in 1971: Kilianstädten, Büdesheim…