Gyomaendrőd, this small and quiet town in Hungary is lying on flatland at the heart of the Southern Great Plain in the midst of yawning forests, flowery meadows and quiet billabongs. For the wayfarer searching for a serene place in the summer the sunny and relaxed atmosphere on the bank of the Körös River is just perfect. In the spring the sights and scents of waking nature, in the autumn the experience of hunting, while during winter it’s the sight of the snow-covered plains that gives a special appeal to the Great Plain. The rich tradition of rural life and the colorful palette of the local cultural heritage are attracting a lot of visitors. The abundance in nature’s beauty you find here is indisputable: the fabulous many-colored flowers, hundreds of species of fish, game, and birds are waiting to be explored in a beautiful scenery.

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Water everywhere wherever you can see. There is a special triumvirate here: the slowly meandering riverbed of the Hármas-Körös River between flood-plain forests, the flora and fauna of the many back channels dotted with cozy cottages and fishing places on their banks and the famous thermal bath and spa offer threefold appeal for those looking for the spiritual healing power of water.
Waterfront, sunshine, tranquility – these are the values worth looking for here and we cannot wish for more if we cherish peacefulness in our heart. Once you visit this place you will understood what we mean and always would return here. In this intimate harmony of nature, there is a kind of deliberately calm sleepiness as though everything would be here that we’ve ever dreamed of.

In Gyomaendrőd the remnants of the rural past and antique works of art are similarly part of the town’s cultural heritage.

Walking between the old-standing walls of the buildings we fly back centuries in time invoking the market-town past of the settlement. The beautiful churches of the town, the Kner Printing Museum, unique in Hungary, presenting the Kner family’s life and work, the Béla Vidovszky Collection of Local History and the Memorial of the Gendarme Fusillade in Endrőd are definitely worth a visit along with other sights.

If you would like to know more about the heritage of the rural past we can recommend the Country House Museum and Collection of Local History in Endrőd presenting the life of peasantry and even the furniture, tools, craftsman instruments used by them. By visiting the Adventure Park of Fishery and History established on the bank of the Templom-zug Backwater you can learn about the tools of fishing, their usage and the gastronomy of the water-bound lifestyle.

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