Zoltán Szujó

Zoltán Szujó became nationally famous working at RTL Klub, from 2002 he has been the field reporter of Formula 1, anchorperson, regularly reports from the best Hungarian and international professional boxing events. He also works as a commentator and editor-reporter in other sport programmes and news of the channel, and also participates in other major programmes of RTL Klub (Starbox, Domino Day, etc.). From January 2008 he's hosting the Reggeli (morning TV programme of the channel).

BORN 29.06.1977.
PROFESSION: journalist, sports broadcaster, announcer, host
LANGUAGES: English, German
FAMILY STATUS: Married, 2 daughters


Csaba Rádió, Csaba TV, Békéscsaba
Klub Rádió
Sláger Rádió
RTL Klub

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