Historic Memorial Site, Vésztő-Mágor

The Mágor Mounds reveal the history of 6,000 years: one mound hid the layers of settlements accumulated over the years, the other one covered the remains of the Csolt Monastery foundations built between the 11th and 13th centuries.

The Vésztő-Mágor historic memorial site situated within the Körös-Maros National Park is internationally renown. In the nature reserve of the former meandering riverbed of the Sebes-Körös there are two unusual 9-10 meter high mounds next to one other: the Mágor Mounds. One of them holds an overview of settlement layers atop each other, dating from the past 6,000 years and opened up during an archaeological dig. The sight is compelling since the finds remained in their original site, making it possible to review history on the spot.

On the other mound the remains of an Árpád Age monastery were discovered that belonged to a powerful clan from Vata, the Csolts. The monastery with a triple nave basilica, an inner courtyard and cells for the monks were built in three phases and demonstrates fine workmanship of a high standard.

The monastery became deserted during the years of the Turkish occupation and its condition gradually deteriorated. In the 18th century Ferenc Wenckheim, the owner of the property used the material of the church that was already in ruins to construct a large wine cellar in the belly of the hill. This same cellar today is home to the Csolt Monastery Museum which introduces the history of the site.

Category: Architectural heritage

5530 Vésztő, Mágori domb
Távolság / Közelség
From Thermal Bath: 28.22 km
From Town Center: 28.53 km
From Railway Station: 29.48 km
Coordinates: 46.93953, 21.208632

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