The Exhibition Ward of the Csabai Homestead and History of Grain

From Thermal Bath: 36.39 km
From Town Center: 36.76 km
From Railway Station: 36.25 km

Békés County was always the best crop producing land in the country. Among others, The selective breeders Mokry Sámuel and Baross László worked in Békés County. The dry- and windmills of the county and later its steam mills, the first one being the István Mill in Békéscsaba, were among the most modern and the biggest ones in the country.

The importance of crop production in Békés is still the same and hopefully will be in the future. In 1974, the establishment of a Crop Museum in Békéscsaba was decided.

The Crop Trust, the Crop Company of Békés County supported the establishment of the museum. After the resolution was made, the Csabai homestead was bought. The homestead soon was rebuilt as original.

As the next step the Csókős windmill in Békésssámson was rebuilt. The windmill stood on the old Csókás-puszta maintained by the National Monument Conservancy.

The Exhibition Ward of the Csabai Homestead and History of Grain
Opening Times

4 April - 31 October: 10-16h; It's closed on Mondays.

Contact Information
5600 Békéscsaba, Gyulai út 65.
+36 (66) 441026
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Coordinates: 46.677122, 21.126536

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