Varga Lajos Sports Hall


You can find the only sports hall in Gyomaendőd in the town centre, opposite to the Kner Memorial Square. It's perfectly suitable for sports events as indoor soccer, handball, basketball, volleyball matches or to organize cultural and school events.

Capacity: 300

Sports equipment: stall bar, gymnastic stools , rings, balance beam, uneven parallel bars, rope, horizontal bar, pommel horse, gymnastic mats, vaulting boxes

In the building there are 6 changing rooms with shower and we can find a snack bar, too.

Events in the Sports Hall:

* men's and women's handball matches
* amateur indoor soccer
* volleyball tournament
* student olympics
* gymnastics
* Summer Sports Camps (gymnasts, karate camps, handball players, football players, floorballers, capoeira, etc.)
* International Juggler Festival
* Pigeon Exhibition
* Town events
* Graduation Balls

Nyitva tartás

All year round

5500 Gyomaendrőd, Szabadság tér 1.
Távolság / Közelség
From Thermal Bath: 0.26 km
From Town Center: 0.16 km
From Railway Station: 1.58 km
Coordinates: 46.938235, 20.833662
Updated date:

2133 past events

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