Fazekasi Hunting Association


We founded our hunting association on 1 March 1997 from the former Gyomaendrődi Béke Hunting Association. We have 14 members and one official hunter in our rows.
Our hunting ground covers 3,565 hectares (net area). We have a valid contract of hunting lease by the Békés County Hunting Fishing Divison of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development for a 10-year period between 2007 and 2017.
Our ground is a small game area. We have small forests sporadically under agricultural cultivation. The floodplain of the Hármas-Körös River is partly forested and is an excellent fishing and hunting area offering good hiding and breeding place for numerous game species.
Regarding the whole year our main game species is the deer population. 60-65 of them can be hunted because of population regulation and 18-20 are roebucks of those. We have beautiful roebuck trophies between 350 and 660 grams.

Characteristic game species: European Hare, European Roe Deer, Pheasant, Fox, Wild Duck
We can utilize 450-700 European hares both alive and shot in a season.
From the Pheasant population we can utilize 400-600 by hunting and to realize this we rear 1,000-1,500 Pheasants per year in Pheasant cages.
The financial stability of our association is ensured by the above mentioned two game species.
In our fields there are a lot of beasts of prey. 100-120 foxes and a few European Badgers get hunted every year. Birds of prey are numerous, overpopulated in the area, whose stock is protected. The rice plantations, watery areas, stubble fields provide enjoyable wild duck hunting for our members. Wild boar and deer occur rarely in our fields.

Our organized hunts: we organize our hunting sessions 10-12 times per year according to a group hunting schedule. For private and team hunting sessions we use log books to keep records. We give hunting quotas to our members providing hunting opportunity for them: we dole out deer, Pheasant and European hare hunting quotas.
Foreign and domestic hunting leases and membership fees provide financial base for our hunting association. Fortunately, more and more domestic lease hunters are getting interested in our lease huntings.
We try to organize and provide the best hunting and game farming opportunities for our membership by a small management and monitoring committee.
Our social life is very active: we organize social dinners, events, social works, big game huntings, shooting competitions.

Fazekasi Hunting Association
5502 Gyomaendrőd, 11. ker. 5-15.

Attila Villányi (President)
+36 (30) 5551825

János Német (Master Hunter)
+36 (70) 2226365

Nyitva tartás

All year round

5500 Gyomaendrőd, Csillagos utca 3/1.
Távolság / Közelség
From Thermal Bath: 4.32 km
From Town Center: 4.05 km
From Railway Station: 3.07 km
Coordinates: 46.931278, 20.780889
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