Kner Memorial Square


The Kner Memorial created by the two-time Munkácsy Award winner sculptor András Kiss Nagy is located on a square of 2500 m2. It was erected for the centenary of the Kner Press. To counterbalance the already existing and emphasized memorial was set up the “Well of Wisdom” Fountain, which also refers to the Kner heritage.

Kner Memorial Square
Kner Memorial Square
Kner Memorial Square
Opening Times

Can be viewed all year round.

Contact Information
5500 Gyomaendrőd, Hősök útja 50.
Distance / Proximity
From Thermal Bath: 0.31 km
From Town Center: 0.21 km
From Railway Station: 1.49 km
Local Map
Coordinates: 46.937631, 20.832862

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