Hármas-Körös River Floodplain


Gyomaendrőd lies on the left (south) bank of the Hármas- (Triple-) Körös River. This stretch of the river is the most beautiful waterside landscape of the region. It’s about 100 meters wide and the water is 6 meters deep on the average. It is a region rich in fish and wild animals. The Békés County stretch of the Hármas-Körös floodplain area, which covers more than 2,000 hectares is part of the Körös-Maros National Park.


Can be viewed all year round.

5500 Gyomaendrőd, Külterület nemzeti park
Coordinates: 46.944444, 20.817567
From Thermal Bath: 1.66 km
From Town Center: 1.28 km
From Railway Station: 1.93 km
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