Backwaters of Gyomaendrőd


Gyomaendrőd is surrounded by countless backwaters (oxbow lakes, billabongs) as the heritage of the 19th century river regulations. All the 16 billabongs display their own colorful characteristic having different functions.

The region abundant in the most varied natural values is the ideal place for active angling and for visitors looking for relaxation.
With the coming of good weather the fishing places are invaded by armies of anglers. The local waters are favored by Hungarian anglers since they are abundant in fish guaranteeing a good catch.
On the banks of the backwaters there are many holiday homes and weekend houses that can be rented. These are ideal for people who would like to spend a few days or weeks with their family or friends in a quiet and calm place close to water instead of in the livelier atmosphere of the Liget Thermal Bath and Spa.

Backwaters of Gyomaendrőd
Backwaters of Gyomaendrőd
Backwaters of Gyomaendrőd
Opening Times

Can be viewed all year round.

Contact Information
5500 Gyomaendrőd, bel- és külterülete
Distance / Proximity
From Thermal Bath: 2.41 km
From Town Center: 2.16 km
From Railway Station: 1.33 km
Local Map
Coordinates: 46.933356, 20.805874

Oxbow Lakes

Bónom-zugi Oxbow Lake
Coordinates: 46.931369, 20.743872
From Town Center: 6.81 km
Borbélyzugi Oxbow Lake
Coordinates: 46.942906, 20.784575
From Town Center: 3.68 km
Csókási Oxbow Lake
Coordinates: 46.935414, 20.782975
From Town Center: 3.81 km
Danzugi Oxbow Lake
Coordinates: 46.924794, 20.915856
From Town Center: 6.51 km
Endrődi Révzug
Coordinates: 46.931697, 20.767389
From Town Center: 5.04 km
Félhalmi Oxbow Lake
Coordinates: 46.923519, 20.926458
From Town Center: 7.33 km
Fűzfás-zugi Oxbow Lake
Coordinates: 46.935289, 20.805111
From Town Center: 2.16 km
Hantoskerti Backwater
Coordinates: 46.935928, 20.835642
From Town Center: 0.46 km
Kecsegés-zugi Oxbow Lake
Coordinates: 46.934275, 20.903475
From Town Center: 5.40 km
Kisfoki Holt-Körös
Coordinates: 46.926078, 20.757581
From Town Center: 5.91 km
Nagyfokzugi Holt-Körös
Coordinates: 46.921419, 20.734153
From Town Center: 7.76 km
Németh-zugi Oxbow Lake
Coordinates: 46.954236, 20.820456
From Town Center: 1.88 km
Pap-zug (Kecskés-zug)
Coordinates: 46.934779, 20.730035
From Town Center: 7.82 km
Peresi Billabong
Coordinates: 46.973239, 20.71365
From Town Center: 9.79 km
Sirató Billabong
Coordinates: 46.937672, 20.876478
From Town Center: 3.32 km
Sóczó-zugi Oxbow Lake
Coordinates: 46.938876, 20.758581
From Town Center: 5.64 km
Sulymos Backwater
Coordinates: 46.949283, 20.821242
From Town Center: 1.39 km
Templom-zugi Oxbow Lake
Coordinates: 46.947133, 20.770836
From Town Center: 4.78 km
Torzsás-zugi Oxbow Lake
Coordinates: 46.929153, 20.855969
From Town Center: 2.10 km

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