Oxbow Lakes

Gyomaendrod’s unparalleled jewels are the oxbow lakes (backwaters, billabongs). In the vicinity of the town there are 16 billabongs different in size and condition, an unrivalled phenomenon in the country. 3 oxbow lakes are the property of the Hungarian State while 13 is owned by the local government. Most of them are excellent fishing lakes. In their water we can find the indigenous fish species of Hungary. In the Hármas-Körös River and its oxbow lakes we can find mostly European carp, carassius, bream, wels catfish, zander, eel, silver carp and even brown bullhead. The quality of the backwaters is improved by water replenishment, river dredging, colonization of herbivorous fish species and plant thinning.
The longest of the 16 oxbow lakes is the more than 20 km long Peresi Billabong. Its riverside is dotted with private and community holiday homes. The Peresi Musem is located on its lower stretch.
By the Templomzugi Billabong there is a public beach though the water of many oxbow lakes is suitable for swimming.

Oxbow Lakes in and around Gyomaendrod

Coordinates: 46.931369, 20.743872
From Town Center: 6.81 km
From Thermal Bath: 7.10 km
Coordinates: 46.942906, 20.784575
From Town Center: 3.68 km
From Thermal Bath: 4.02 km
Coordinates: 46.935414, 20.782975
From Town Center: 3.81 km
From Thermal Bath: 4.11 km
Coordinates: 46.924794, 20.915856
From Town Center: 6.51 km
From Thermal Bath: 6.16 km
Coordinates: 46.931697, 20.767389
From Town Center: 5.04 km
From Thermal Bath: 5.32 km
Coordinates: 46.923519, 20.926458
From Town Center: 7.33 km
From Thermal Bath: 6.97 km
Coordinates: 46.935289, 20.805111
From Town Center: 2.16 km
From Thermal Bath: 2.43 km
Coordinates: 46.935928, 20.835642
From Town Center: 0.46 km
From Thermal Bath: 0.21 km
Coordinates: 46.934275, 20.903475
From Town Center: 5.40 km
From Thermal Bath: 5.06 km
Coordinates: 46.926078, 20.757581
From Town Center: 5.91 km
From Thermal Bath: 6.16 km
Coordinates: 46.921419, 20.734153
From Town Center: 7.76 km
From Thermal Bath: 8.01 km
Coordinates: 46.954236, 20.820456
From Town Center: 1.88 km
From Thermal Bath: 2.24 km
Coordinates: 46.934779, 20.730035
From Town Center: 7.82 km
From Thermal Bath: 8.12 km
Coordinates: 46.973239, 20.71365
From Town Center: 9.79 km
From Thermal Bath: 10.17 km
Coordinates: 46.937672, 20.876478
From Town Center: 3.32 km
From Thermal Bath: 3.00 km
Coordinates: 46.938876, 20.758581
From Town Center: 5.64 km
From Thermal Bath: 5.95 km
Coordinates: 46.949283, 20.821242
From Town Center: 1.39 km
From Thermal Bath: 1.77 km
Coordinates: 46.947133, 20.770836
From Town Center: 4.78 km
From Thermal Bath: 5.13 km
Coordinates: 46.929153, 20.855969
From Town Center: 2.10 km
From Thermal Bath: 1.72 km