Kecsegés-zugi Oxbow Lake

Rating of angling water

Directions: after crossing the bridge to Dévaványa, take a right turn to the dike. It’s about 5 km far from the bridge.

Area: 7.4 hectares
Average depth: 2.2 m

Characteristic fish species: European carp, carassius, bream, zander , northern pike

Operator: Kecsegés-zug Tájvédelmi és Horgász Egyesület (Kecsegés-zug Preservationist and Angling Association)

To practice angling in Hungary, foreigners - similarly to Hungarian citizens - must dispose of a so-called state angling ticket and an area permit valid on the given water. For obtaining a state angling ticket, the foreigners have to certify their fishing exam, but presenting their own angling documents and angling certificate is enough as well.

Kecsegés-zug Tájvédelmi és Horgász Egyesület
5600 Békéscsaba, Baross utca 34.
Távolság / Közelség
From Thermal Bath: 5.06 km
From Town Center: 5.40 km
From Railway Station: 6.33 km
Coordinates: 46.934275, 20.903475
Updated date: 2022/09/28

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