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Nagylapos and Öregszőlő

Nagylapos (Large Flat) and Öregszőlő (Old Vineyard) are located near Gyomaendrőd in its surrounding country a few kilometers from the town’s edge. We can approach Nagylapos leaving Endrőd on the Main Road 46 while Öregszőlő is located on Route 443 after departing from Endrőd in the direction of Szarvas.

From Town Center: 7.90 km
Coordinates: 46.974826, 20.742477

Nagylapos originally was the fifth district of Endrőd.It has been part of Gyomaendrőd since 1982 when Gyoma and Endrőd merged...

From Town Center: 4.62 km
Coordinates: 46.905539, 20.797892

Öregszőlő has a few hundred inhabitants and an extensive web of homesteads belonging to it. The settlement was known as the...